If the buyer and the seller are located in a close geographical area or the object of the transaction cannot be shipped due to its large volume, hand deliveries may be a practical and cost-effective alternative.

Here are our recommendations to conclude your sale in complete safety:

  • Choose a public and transited place, during the day (for example a close by shop or an open bar). Avoid giving your home address.

  • If you are the buyer, take your time to thoroughly check the item and to test its functions. If you notice a defect that was not specified, propose a price reduction.

    Once you have finished checking the item, let the seller know that you want to keep it and give him the 6-digit validation code.

  • If you are the seller, enter the 6-digit validation code provided by the buyer into your Tripartie account. Make sure it is valid before handing over the item to the buyer.

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